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what we offer

accurate emissions data across all UK buildings

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data query

access current & historical emissions data for all c.2m UK non-domestic/commercial buildings

(presented as kg CO2 per m2)

the emissions data for each asset is sourced from over 10,000 data points to provide the most accurate measurement - we believe this will increase your PCAF data quality score to at least 2

asset-level emissions data can be accessed via either a browser-based GUI or industry standard API (REST API) for single or bulk queries

Office Building

simply enter a UK postcode, select a building and receive back the current open sourced emissions value

(come and talk to us if you want more detailed & accurate emissions data or your whole portfolio assessed)

Office Building

roadmap 2023 & beyond

expansion of the measured assets to include domestic/residential buildings, transport & agriculture

broaden the data set to include EU & North American markets

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